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We merge artificial and human intelligence to fight disinformation and propaganda

Who We Are


OpenMinds was established in 2022 to combat the impact of propaganda, with a particular focus on the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Since then, we have been empowering governments and research institutions worldwide with full-cycle information threat intelligence and response capabilities.

Focusing on conflict zones and hard-to-reach regions, we build:
- methods and technologies to study the impact of disinformation;
- communication channels to deliver effective countermeasures;
- AI-powered platform Pythia, enhanced by an investigative journalists, behavioral scientists, and communications strategists.

Over the last year only, we applied our research insights in more than 240 communication campaigns, each reaching 200,000+ people.

Our Approach

We deploy the latest AI technologies and collaborate with world-class analytical teams specializing in behavioral sciences, local anthropology, and communications.

We operate in three main areas:

Research & Analysis
We measure both objective reality and public perceptions, conducting research in conflict zones and hard-to-reach regions. Our methods include focus groups, interviews, surveys, social media monitoring, and tracking economic and consumer behavior data.

Counter-Influence CampaignsUsing a multi-channel approach, from online banner ads to phone calls and local networks, we engage with local communities to enhance their informational resilience against propaganda and malign influences.

Measurement of Effectiveness
Measuring impact is one of the biggest challenges in counter-propaganda and influence communications. By analyzing hundreds of campaigns during the Russo-Ukrainian war, we have developed an advanced framework and proprietary tech tools for impact and causality measurement.

Pythia - AI-powered Analytical Platform
Our services are centered around Pythia, our AI-powered platform that analyses data from over 9,000 sources, covering discourse, economic, military, and behavioral data in hard-to-reach regions and conflict zones.
Pythia tracks emerging narratives and their impact on attitudes and behaviors, enabling comparisons across more than 300 societal groups and identifying the most influential factors shaping their perceptions and beliefs.

OpenMinds has become a central research hub on Russo-Ukrainian informational and psychological warfare, working with governmental units worldwide and contributing to the global fight against propaganda and disinformation.

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